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Natural Lyme Disease Treatments in California

Battling an Undiagnosed Chronic Illness?

Though often misdiagnosed as other illnesses, Lyme disease is more common and debilitating than many realize.

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Lyme Disease Symptoms are Complex and Confusing

Lyme disease can cause a myriad of symptoms that are complex, often involving many areas of the body. Interestingly, due to the ability of Lyme Disease to affect many organ systems and resemble many illnesses, it has been called the “great imitator”.  

Many of the patients we have seen with this condition have been searching for answers for years, hoping to heal their bodies. This is why Lyme disease can be one of the most frustrating conditions and can create a great deal of discomfort for patients. 

More than 300,000 Americans and 65,000 Europeans are affected every year by this epidemic – and these numbers appear to be rising every year. Furthermore, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that up to 10% of people with acute Lyme disease will go on to develop chronic Lyme disease or Post-Lyme Syndrome; however, many Lyme-literate physicians feel this number is grossly underreported.

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Common Lyme Disease Symptoms 

  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Lack of concentration or cognitive impairment
  • Memory loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle pain
  • Numbness
  • Tingling in extremities
  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Immune system problems
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Abdominal pain
  • Bowel changes
  • Light or sound sensitivity
  • “Wandering” pain
  • Sleep problems
  • Dizziness or vertigo
  • Cardiac problems: mitral valve prolapse, heart block, heart palpitations, chest pain
  • Balance or coordination problems
  • Hormone disruption (hypothyroidism, irregular menses)

Integrative and Naturopathic Therapies that Work Together with Conventional Lyme Disease Treatments

Antibiotics are generally the mainstay of conventional medical approaches to managing Lyme disease. While this can be very effective when the condition is caught early and acted on quickly, the chronic problems associated with Lyme are more difficult and complex to manage.

Lyme disease is characterized by the involvement of multiple organ systems. It can affect many of the body’s systems. Furthermore, it can cause the immune system to be significantly compromised.  

In these more chronic cases, integrative and naturopathic medical management is vital in the process of restoring your health. That's why our doctors, like Lyme disease specialist Dr. Cochran, do a thorough consultation and recommend any necessary lab work to identify any undiagnosed cases of Lyme disease that could be impacting your health.

Working with you, your doctor will develop a treatment plan targeted at addressing the many infections that can be associated with Lyme while helping to strengthen your immune system and inherent defenses.

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How is Acute Lyme Disease Identified?

If you have had a recent tick bite, let our doctors evaluate you – right away!

The best way to prevent Lyme disease is to treat it early. If you or anyone you know suspects that you have been bitten by a tick, come in and see us right away. 

This also should be considered if you are experiencing any symptoms of possible acute Lyme (red rash or “bullseye” rash, fever, body aches, headaches, fatigue) AND you have been in any environment that could have exposed you to a higher likelihood of having been exposed to a possible tick bite. 

Acting quickly can often help to prevent more serious problems that can develop into chronic Lyme disease and other tick infections. Our doctors will carefully review your situation, give you an examination, and discuss any appropriate testing that may be necessary. We also recommend targeted natural therapies and integrative approaches to prophylactically help to prevent infection.

This approach can help to decrease the severity of any infection and bolster your own immune defenses, with the goal of helping to prevent chronic infection as well as the many serious complications associate with chronic Lyme.

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Healing from Chronic Lyme Disease Naturally

We Support Patients with Diagnosed or Suspected Chronic Lyme disease.

Healing from chronic Lyme Disease requires treating all of the possible co-infections. Our doctors have found that the best way to support our patient’s recovery from Lyme includes:

Supporting your immune function

Developing a unique detoxification program

Our Lyme specialist doctors utilize powerful natural therapies which may include herbal anti-microbials in combination with antibiotic therapy prescribed by your medical doctor. We’re dedicated to helping our patients overcome Lyme more quickly with wellness support aimed at killing Lyme. 

We also focus on your body’s ability to function optimally, including healthy immune system function, the capability of your body to detox, as well as supporting functional gastrointestinal health.

Our doctors at Premier Integrative have worked extensively with patients dealing with Lyme Disease/Tick-Borne illnesses. Our approach is to restore balance and support the body in its inherent healing capacity.  We utilize the most powerful cutting-edge therapies, as well as time-tested natural therapies that combine the best of western medicine and integrative medicine.

Lyme Disease FAQ

Our naturopathic doctors use every tool available to us, including conventional Western medicine and holistic medicine to help you achieve your health goals.

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Lyme Disease is Most Commonly Transmitted Through the Bite of a Deer Tick

Lyme disease is commonly transmitted through the bite of a deer tick to humans. And, it is one of the most rapidly spreading infections in our modern time. For the tick transmit Lyme disease, it must be infected with a spiral-shaped bacterium called Borrelia burgdorferi.

Lyme Disease is Becoming Increasingly More Common

There are more than 10,000 new cases each year as reported by the CDC. It is thought that this number is actually much higher due to the volume of cases that are undiagnosed, misdiagnosed as well as those that are underreported. The complex nature of Lyme disease can be worsened by other bacteria or “co-infections” from pathogenic organisms that are also transmitted by tick bites.

It is Possible to be Infected with Lyme Disease in California

While it is a widely held belief that Lyme disease only affects those living on the East Coast, Lyme disease is very common across the entire United States as well as the rest of the world.

In California, the coastal counties are at the highest risk of infection, including Trinity, Humboldt and Mendocino. Similarly, anyone traveling to those counties are at much higher risk of getting a tick bite and contracting Lyme disease as well any other tick-borne illnesses (co-infections). We also are seeing more and more cases of Lyme disease in the neighboring counties, such as Sonoma, Marin, and Napa.

Diagnosing Lyme Disease Often Requires an In-Depth Clinical Evaluation

Diagnosing Lyme disease is often made by our doctors through an in-depth clinical evaluation, thorough health history, risk assessment of past tick exposures, as well as physical examination and supportive lab work. Currently, there is no definitive testing available that can exclude the diagnosis of Lyme disease.

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