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IV Drip Therapy

Quickly and Easily Revitalize Your Body

Get the nutrients you desperately need to feel your best. Boost your recovery, strengthen your immune system, and be more alert. IV Drip Therapy helps your body get important vitamins where you need them the most. And, it's fast.

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Tired Doesn’t Have to be Your Normal

Conveniently located in Santa Rosa, our local clinic offers IV Drip treatments five days a week with an appointment — to help you feel your best.

Feel Great & Look Great

Don’t let the business of living keep you from the healthy body you deserve. IV Drip therapy lets your health keep up with your schedule.

For decades, celebrities, professional athletes, and top executives have used drip therapy to ensure their bodies are in peak condition. With IV therapy, your body quickly and easily gets the key minerals and vitamins it needs. 

This allows you to fight signs of aging, boost weight loss, increase your energy, improve your recovery time, help to prevent illness, and more.

Being able to get the IV Drip quickly was a major reason why I was able to do it. Convenience really made a big difference for me.

Lang, A. of Santa Rosa, CA

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Your Natural Short Cut to a Healthier Life

There are key vitamins and minerals our bodies need to survive. Deficiency can cause a myriad of problems ranging from weight gain and premature signs of aging to increased stress and fatigue.

While a healthy diet and supplement program can help, it’s often not enough to keep up with the daily demands of modern life.

This is because our body only absorbs 15-25 percent of the vitamins and nutrients we ingest orally. However, with an IV drip, you’re able to immediately deliver 100 percent of the target nutrients your body needs.

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Is IV Drip Therapy a One-Size-Fits-All Treatment?

Definitely not. IV drip therapy was developed for individuals with busy lifestyles, such as celebrities, professional athletes, and top-level executives. The cocktails are tailored to help these key figures achieve their wants and needs. At Premier Integrative, your treatment is no different.

Our highly specialized doctors work closely with you to determine the best IV therapy. All treatments are administered when it works for you. And, our on-site integrative doctors are always available for further consultation.

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How Long Does IV Drip Therapy Take?

IV drip therapy is a quick and efficient process. At Premier Integrative we offer two different treatment options, Slow IV Drips and Quick IV Drips. Quick IV Drips can be administered in as little as 30 minutes. This allows you to quickly and efficiently help your body without consuming your entire day.

Slow IV Drips take longer to administer, but allow more nutrients to take effect. Our experienced doctors will help you find the right balance.