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Back, Shoulder & Elbow Non-Invasive Pain Relief

Give Your Body the Pain Relief it Needs

A non-invasive way to naturally stimulate your body’s healing process.

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Non-Invasive Pain Relief

Prolotherapy helps naturally stimulate your body’s healing process to reduce inflammation and pain.

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Treating Shoulder & Elbow Pain Naturally

Shoulder pain is typically caused when the ligaments, tendons, and tissues surrounding your shoulder are strained. This can limit your range of motion and even cause “frozen shoulder,” a syndrome in which you are unable to move your shoulder.

Prolotherapy offers a surgery-free and non-invasive treatment. Using a holistic treatment, our naturopathic doctors help restore proper blood flow to the area and stimulate the healing process.

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Help Your Back Heal

By naturally stimulating the healing process, prolotherapy strengthens your joints and connective tissues. This treatment plan does not use corticosteroid shots, arthroscopy or pain medications. Rather, our medically supervised and holistic process ensures you heal quickly and safely.

Back pain can seriously impact your quality of life. An effective and affordable option, prolotherapy can help eliminate low back instability. Our naturopathic doctors help your body naturally regain its full range of motion so you can live with less pain.

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Cutting Edge Treatment

Developed in the 1950s, prolotherapy is a cutting edge treatment for ligament and tendon injuries. It helps restore the natural and ideal function to joints, ligaments, and tendons.