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Virtual Visits

Get Support Where You Are

Connect with your Premier Integrative doctor through a secure video call.

virtual visit with Dr. Justin Hoffman

Naturopathic, Integrative & Holistic Medical Services in the Comfort of Your California Home

We are honored to offer virtual visits to patients currently in the state of California. Each secure video call allows patients the chance to connect with their naturopathic doctor from the comfort and safety of their home, office or even car. 

During a virtual visit, our doctors work directly with the patient to diagnose and prescribe treatments for various minor illnesses and injuries. Additionally, virtual visits can be paired with in-person visits as necessary for diagnosis, allowing a fully customized patient experience.

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Virtual Visit FAQ

smiling man at home in virtual appointment

What are the Benefits of a Virtual Appointment?

Premier Integrative's virtual visit program allows patients to receive high-quality naturopathic medical support anywhere in California. The benefits include:

  • Convenience
  • Reduced risk of exposure to other individuals
  • No need to battle about traffic
  • No need to waste time parking
Young woman talking to her doctor on a video call

How do Virtual Appointments Work

Virtual visits are very similar to visits in our Santa Rosa clinic, except you don’t need to put on shoes to attend. The typical process includes:

  • Logging in to the Patient Portal.
  • Waiting for your doctor to log in at your scheduled time.
  • Discussing your concern with your doctor, just like you would in the clinic.
  • Receiving the appropriate treatment protocols or follow-up testing needed.
virtual visit with dr. brenden cochran

What Can My Naturopathic Doctor Treat Virtually?

During a virtual appointment, your naturopathic doctor can treat everything virtually that they can in person, with some exceptions. Any diagnosis that requires a physical exam would require an in-person visit. Additionally, any medical procedure that needs to be administered by a medical professional would require an in-person visit.

Naturopathic Services that Require In-Person Visits:

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What If I Need Lab Work Done?

Any necessary lab work needed during a virtual visit is ordered through the clinic, just as it would be during an in-person visit. Patients then get their blood drawn from a local blood draw center. Their results are then uploaded to the patient’s chart. 

This process does not require a patient to be in Santa Rosa. Lab work can be completed anywhere in California. 

Senior black man speaking on the phone with his doctor about prescription medication

How Do You Schedule a Virtual Visit?

All visits, virtual and in-person, need to be scheduled directly with our front office staff. These visits can be scheduled in-person or over the phone: 707.888.4191.

When Are Virtual Visits Available?

We offer virtual visits during the clinic’s normal operating hours, Monday through Friday. 

virtual visit with Dr. Kelley Barnes-Valdes.

Who Can Book a Virtual Visit at the Clinic?

We welcome anyone in California State to book a virtual visit. 

Do I Need to do Anything to Prepare for My Virtual Visit?

Just as with an in-person visit, we require all patients to fill out our new patient form before their first visit. Any follow-up appointment won’t require any specific paperwork unless otherwise requested by your doctor. 

virtual visit with Dr. LaDeana Jeane.

Do I Need to Install Any Specific Software for My Virtual Visit?

No special software is needed to attend your virtual visit. We use a completely cloud-based system.

mature woman talking to her doctor virtually.

Are There More Virtual Appointments Available Than In-Person appointments?

We offer virtual and in-person visits during the same operating hours, so the same time slots are available whether you’re meeting in person or virtually. However, because meeting virtually can offer more convenience, many patients have found virtual appointments give them more flexibility. 

virtual visit on a smartphone

Do Virtual Appointments Cost the Same as In-Person Appointments?

Yes. The cost of all appointments is determined by the time a doctor spends with a patient actively working on the patient’s care. So the cost of a virtual and an in-person visit is the same.