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Dangers of Mobile IV Drip Hydration Therapy

Understand the legal regulations concerning IV Drip therapy, the importance of a sterile environment, and why a consultation is essential prior to treatment.

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Delivering fluids intravenously was first documented in 1883 by Dr. Thomas Latta during a cholera epidemic in Britain. In the 1950s for the technology to become widely available, and was frequently used in hospital settings. But the use of IV drip didn’t begin catching mainstream attention until the early 2010s. 

In 2014, The New York Times reviewed the use of IV Drip to fight off hangovers. And in 2019, The Guardian explored how celebrities were utilizing IV Drips and vitamin injections to maintain their youthful glow, boost energy, and support their overall wellbeing.  

But as IV Drips have become more popular, a host of mobile IV Drip services have begun to pop up. Many of these roving IV Drip providers offer customized cocktails injected in any number of locations. While the convenience factor of receiving an IV Drip in the comfort of your own home or from a van outside of work can sound attractive, mobile IV Drip therapy isn’t without its risks.

At Premier Integrative, our naturopathic medical team partners with you — so that you can make informed decisions about any treatment plan. This post outlines some important considerations you should take into account before rolling up your sleeve in any location:

  • The regulations of preparing and administering any IV Drip therapy treatment.
  • The dangers of receiving IV Drip therapy outside of a sterile environment.
  • Why it is essential (and required by law) to consult with and establish care with a doctor, prior to receiving IV Drip therapy

IV Drip therapy can help support the immune system with key vitamins and minerals, so you can keep up with the ones you love.

IV Drip Therapy Regulations

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the process of making an IV Drip cocktail is called drug compounding, "the combining of two or more drugs." It is required by California State law that any compounding drug be prepared in a sterile environment as defined by California Building Code 1250.4 Compounding area for parenteral solutions. This includes:

  • A Class 100 HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtered air
  • Nonporous and cleanable surfaces, ceilings, ceiling tiles, walls, floors, and floor coverings
  • Minimal traffic flow
  • A sink with cold and hot water located in the sterile room or adjacent

The Dangers of Mobile IV Drip Clinics

With a mobile clinic, the IV Drip treatment is brought to the recipient. In cases such as this, the bag is prepared outside of a sterile environment, exposing the patient to a risk of infection. 

The Importance of Consults Prior to Any IV Drip Treatment

Not all patients are good candidates for IV Drip therapy. Underlying health conditions and/or current medications can react adversely to IV Drip cocktails. 

Prior to any treatment administered or prescribed by Premier Integrative, all patients must receive a doctor consultation. In some instances, patients may also be required to undergo testing. This precautionary measure is required for patient safety. 

Schedule an IV Drip Consultation

All Premier Integrative IV Drip treatments are prepared in a sterile environment and administered by a licensed professional. Call 707.888.4191 to schedule an appointment. Treatments are available Monday–Friday. 

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