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Surgery-Free Pain Relief

Stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal.

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Prolotherapy Offers Non-Invasive Pain Relief for Your Shoulders, Knees and Back

Strengthen your joints and connective tissues by jump-starting your body’s ability to heal naturally.

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Non-Invasive Alternative to Surgery

A non-invasive, surgery-free treatment, this natural pain relief options can help reduce chronic pain by encouraging your body to heal naturally. This is an effective and affordable option. It doesn’t require corticosteroid shots, arthroscopy, or pain medications. With prolotherapy, your body can regain its full range of motion. 

Our medically supervised prolotherapy and holistic process ensures you heal safely and quickly.

3 Common Trouble Spots Prolotherapy Can Help

Alleviate Low Back Tenderness

Want to be more comfortable on a daily basis? Prolotherapy helps you strengthen your ligaments and tendons to eliminate low back instability. This treatment could benefit everything from general pain to degenerative disc disease. Our naturopathic doctors are ready to help you live with less pain. Visit our conveniently located Santa Rosa clinic to talk about getting you back on track to a healthier life.

Relieve Knee Pain

Wish you could walk unencumbered? Joint pain in your hip and knee can range from the nagging nuisance of arthritis pain to a debilitating daily occurrence. Prolotherapy and Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) can help stimulate new collagen growth. Contract the integrative doctors in our Sonoma County clinic to get started.

Improve Shoulder Mobility

Dreaming of the days when you could swing a club or ride a bike without your shoulder aching? Prolotherapy can help you restore full range of motion and strength in your shoulder by rebuilding the collagen and decreasing the chronic swelling in your injured joints.

How Does Prolotherapy Work?

Prolotherapy uses a small irritant to prompt your body’s natural healing process.

Our bodies are controlled by chemical messengers. These messengers use our body’s blood flow to send signals to our brain. Our brain then disperses marching orders, prioritizing the most pressing needs first. 

Prolotherapy is an injection therapy that triggers the brain to focus on a specific area of the body. It does so by injecting small amounts of natural irritants into the soft tissue surrounding the injured joint or ligament. 

The irritant helps heighten the message that this area of your body needs to be fixed. In essence, you’re helping your brain prioritize your body’s healing efforts.

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Reduced Pain Improves Your Quality of Life

These treatments encourage the natural growth of new ligament and tendon tissues, helping your injury heal.

The ligament and tendon tissues grown post-treatment tend to be thicker and stronger than the original tissues. This can speed recovery, reduce inflammation, and prevent further injury. 

The many benefits of prolotherapy can include:

  • Greater ability to maintain muscle health and flexibility
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Decreased levels of pain
  • Better joint health
  • Stronger joints and less joint stiffness
  • Better muscle relaxation
  • Improved exercise tolerance
  • Improved athletic performance