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Heavy Metal & Chemical Detox

Throughout our daily lives we're exposed to a myriad of harmful metals and chemicals that can have a long-term impact on our health. Naturally detoxing can help your body safely shed these unwanted foreign bodies, to help you better achieve your long-term health goals.

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Wildfire Smoke & Pregnancy

Discover how to protect against the short-term and long-term effects of wildfire smoke inhalation for pregnant moms and children.

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What is the Best Seasonal Hay Fever Relief in Santa Rosa?

Discover how natural hay fever remedies can offer symptom relief and reduce (or prevent) the onset of hay fever’s most obnoxious problems.

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How to Prepare Your Child's Immune System to Face School

Rather than wage war on an illness after it’s reared its ugly head, throw up the best defense available – a strong immune system!

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Mold Toxicity in Santa Rosa

Exposure to fungi in the home can cause mold toxicity. As the body absorbs toxins and poisons, patients can experience chronic illnesses, negatively impacting their quality of life.

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Why Lyme Disease is on the Rise

When Lyme disease is not treated early, it can lead to a variety of unwanted long-term health issues. And with Lyme disease on the rise, this is becoming a bigger and bigger concern for those throughout the United States.

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Kids & Wildfire Smoke

Simple shifts in diet and exercise can help kids naturally detox and fight off the negative effects of smoke inhalation.

Lyme disease rash

What Does Lyme Disease Rash Look Like?

The classic Lyme disease rash presents with a bulls-eye pattern that spreads up to 12 inches from the site of the bite. But, relatively few Lyme disease rashes actually mimic this dartboard design and are therefore more easily missed.

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10 Natural Lung Support Remedies

Using natural lung support remedies you can help your body detox harmful toxins, repair damaged tissue, and improve respiratory function.

Raging Forest Fire

How to Detox after Wildfire Smoke Inhalation

Worried about the long-term effects of wildfire smoke inhalation? A natural detox can help expel foreign particles and restore health.