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Early Detection Increases Survival Rates

Can a Blood Test Detect Cancer in Men?

Early detection — when combined with an appropriate treatment plan — substantially increases the chances of surviving more than five years.


The statistics vary from country to country, but one fact remains consistent — men are more likely to die from cancer than women. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), men in the United States are 39% more likely to die. In Canada, men are 28% more likely to die from cancer. In Europe, men at 26% more likely to die from cancer.  

Why Are Men More Likely to Die from Cancer?

Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut evidence as to why men are more likely to die from cancer than women. However, there are two dominant theories:

1. Men’s Lifestyle Puts Them at Higher Risk

Men are traditionally more likely to encounter carcinogens throughout their lives than females due to smoking and/or manual labor in auto body shops and factories. According to the American Lung Association, men smoke cigarettes 4% more than women. Additionally, women make up just 9% of those employed in the automotive repair and maintenance industry according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Furthermore, men are substantially more likely to consume larger amounts of alcohol. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics, 71.4% of alcohol-related deaths are men.

Asking for help may very well be the strongest thing someone ever does.

2. Men Being Less Willing to Seek Care 

A man and a woman may very well both know they’re lost, but only one of them is likely to ask for directions — and it’s not the man. According to an article by Dan Bates, LPC, NCC, published in Psychology Today, this is because:

Admitting a problem and seeking help is perceived as being weak. And what is seen as strong, tough, macho, and manly is avoiding problems, ignoring pain, and denying reality.

The problem with such macho behavior, as Bates readily points out, is that unaddressed medical conditions don’t typically heal themselves — they worsen when left untreated. 

In fact, the fear of looking weak becomes the weakness. Strength, perseverance — and the chance to beat survival rates — comes from knowing.

4 Most Common Male Cancers

According to the American Cancer Society, men are most commonly affected by the following four cancers:

  1. Prostate Cancer
  2. Colorectal (Colon) Cancer
  3. Lung Cancer
  4. Skin Cancer

In accordance with these statistics, the U.S. Prevention Services Task Force recommends screening for all four of these cancers, depending on certain risk factors. These could include:

  • Age
  • Ancestry
  • Previous Diagnosis
  • First-Degree Relative Diagnosis

Early detection gives you the best possible chance at beating cancer.

Detecting Cancers Not Commonly Screened For

Currently, there are screenings for the four most common male cancers. As more men have begun receiving these screenings appropriately, more cancers have been caught early. 

Unfortunately, there are more than 100 types of cancer. This means that men are currently being screened for less than 4% of the cancers that could cause their death. The result is a higher mortality rate. 

GRAIL Galleri Blood Test Detects More Than 50 Types of Cancer 

The Galleri Blood Test has been shown to detect more than 50 different types of cancers across all stages. A clinical evaluation of the test looked at more than 4,000 patients. During this study, the test identified:

  • ~ 17% of patients with stage I cancer
  • 40% of patients with stage II cancer
  • 77% of patients with stage III cancer
  • 90% of patients with stage IV cancer

How Can a Blood Test Detect Cancer? 

The Galleri blood test uses the power of DNA to detect cancer signals. Each patient carries their own unique DNA strand within their blood. Like a snowflake, no two people have the same DNA strand. It’s what makes each person — even identical twins — different. 

When cancer starts to grow in a body, it produces its own DNA strand. This strand is different than what the patient’s body naturally produces. The Galleri blood test looks at the patient’s blood to determine if there are any foreign DNA strands present.

Testing isn't a complicated, incredibly invasive and uncomfortable procedure. It's as simple as a quick blood draw. From there, the lab and your doctor handle the rest.

Can the Grail Cancer Test Tell You What Kind of Cancer You Have?

If a Grail cancer test detects a cancer signal, it uses this information to pinpoint where in the body the cancer signal is coming from. 

This is not a diagnosis. Rather, it gives the patient helpful information to work with their healthcare provider to determine their next steps.

Cancer Support

At Premier Integrative, we provide holistic cancer treatment support. By partnering with your Medical Oncologist, Surgeon, and radiation Oncologist, your Naturopathic Medical Doctor (NMD) can help you:

  • Speed Recovery
  • Prevent Recurrence
  • Manage Side Effects
  • Improve Quality of Life

Knowing Early Increases Survival Rates

While you may not be ready to ask for directions, embrace the power of knowledge. Early detection can help substantially increase survival rates. Because when you’re fighting for your life, you deserve the upper hand.

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