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Yes, It’s Possible

Top Weight Loss Tips Over the Years

From lifestyle changes and dietary updates to medical support, these are the tips our patients have found the most helpful over the years.

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Losing weight is difficult. A research article published by Medical Clinics of North America highlights that “even under the best of circumstances with aggressive counseling, average weight loss is between 5–10% of starting body weight.” 

Furthermore, keeping the weight off can often prove even more difficult than losing the weight. According to a weight loss article published by Johns Hopkins Medicine, “Most people who lose a large amount of weight have regained it 2 to 3 years later.

Yet we know by looking at those who have lost the weight and kept it off that there are some consistent themes, not the least of which is finding maintainable lifestyle changes. In a 2022 research article published in Obesity, researchers compiled the most common tips that helped people lose weight and keep it off. One of the most common: making sustainable lifestyle changes. 

7 Helpful Weight Loss Tips

The following tips have been carefully curated from our recommendations over the years based on what has been the most successful and sustainable.

1. Calorie-Free Weight Loss Incentives

When you’re trying to lose weight, rewarding yourself with an indulging cookie or cocktail can curb success. Luckily, research shows that offering as little as a 9 cent financial reward can increase the chance of success by 16%! 

Calorie-free incentives don’t have to just be money. They can span the gamut. Think a relaxing pedicure, a walk through the park or a morning spent sleeping in. 

2. 7 Foods to Avoid to Lose Belly Fat

Does it seem like that stubborn belly fat just won’t bulge? Certain foods can make it more difficult to kick the fat tire to for good. By making simple shifts to your diet, you can help reduce (or eliminate) unwanted belly fat.

As you start your weight loss journey and are wanting to supercharge your success, you may choose to eliminate these foods entirely. But keep in mind, that sometimes depriving yourself can lead to binge eating. If you find that your cravings just won’t go away, it can be helpful to eat these foods in moderation. Think of them as a special occasion treat, such as stuffing or pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving rather than a nightly ritual.

3. Eating Regularly Promotes Sustainable Weight Loss

From reducing (or preventing) hunger pains to boosting your metabolism, establishing a regular meal schedule can help you lose weight and keep it off. What’s more, a regular meal schedule can help you stay energized throughout the day — reducing the chance your mood crashes and you reach for a calorie-loaded pick-me-up.

While sometimes life’s go-go-go schedule can make eating on time tough, carrying a healthy snack or two can offer a stop-gap to binging when you finally sit down to eat.

4. Optimize B12 Levels to Reduce Stress

Juggling kids. Managing a stressful work environment. Navigating family drama. Attempting to fit 25 hours in the day. There are a lot of things that can place stress on your mind and body. The effects of stress can be heightened by vitamin deficiencies which make your body work harder to perform even simple, everyday tasks.

By optimizing your B12 levels, you can help your body better cope with stress and support your weight loss goals.

5. Diagnosing and Treating Subclinical Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition when your thyroid (a small, butterfly-shaped organ located at the front of your neck) is not producing enough T4 and T3 thyroid hormones. When these hormones levels are low, but not low enough to be considered hypothyroidism by conventional lab ranges, they are deemed ‘subclinical.’ 

Unlike traditional Western medicine that operates within conventional lab ranges, our naturopathic medical team takes the whole body into account. We can help identify and treat even the slightest imbalance to help restore your optimal wellbeing.

6. Paleo Vegan Recipes

Dietary changes that support weight loss are often sustainable because they aren’t satisfying. And, they aren’t things the whole family will enjoy. We think food should fuel your body and taste good. That’s why we share our favorite healthy paleo-vegan recipes that the whole family will want to eat. 

These recipes are loaded with flavor, texture, and nutrients. They range from snack foods perfect for gameday appetizers to heartier mains great for dinner. You’ll even find a few fabulous healthy sweets. 

7. Find Sneaky Ways to Walk More 

As a rule of thumb, 10,000 steps is the recommended daily target. And while we know that exercise can’t outrun a poor diet, it can help supercharge a healthy one.

Finding sneaking ways to fit in more steps (like parking at the back of the parking lot and taking the stairs instead of the escalator) can support your weight loss goals without feeling like a ton of extra work.

Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Our Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program takes an individualized approach to identifying and treating the underlying cause of a patient’s weight gain. We don’t have a one-size-fits all diet or exercise regime. Rather, we tailor our program to the individual needs and goals of our patients. 

The goal is not only to help patients lose weight, but keep it off to promote long-term health. 

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