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Watch Dr. Cochran discuss Mold Toxicity and how Premier Integrative cares about your health.

Meet Dr. Brenden Cochran, ND

Dr. Cochran has a passion for education and helping others achieve success. He lectures around the world to doctors on therapies, educates patients, and empowers doctors to achieve success in their practices.

He has extensive knowledge of intravenous therapy, injection therapies, integrative Oncology, chronic disease, and anti-aging therapies. His focus is not only on the skills and procedures of many innovative treatments, but on evidence-based outcome-focused medicine.  

We continue to see a rapid evolution to healthcare where now — more than ever — outcomes are critical. I am dedicated and passionate about formulating personalized treatments that deliver results. I am here to serve you as a doctor, coach, supporter, and healer.

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Losing my father at a young age to melanoma skin cancer struck a sadness, but also a determination to provide better solutions to managing cancer and complex illnesses.

I obtained my undergraduate degree in chemistry with minor focused in biochemistry from the University of Washington. I then went on to Bastyr University, in Kenmore, Washington. Bastyr University is sometimes referred to as the “Harvard of Natural Medicine”. This provided me with the integrative medicine foundation as well as many tools that I use to achieve results with complex health issues. 

I have lectured around the world on innovative treatment strategies for different medical professions. I continue to innovate new strategies within the field of integrative and naturopathic medicine

I am excited to have joined efforts with Premier Integrative Medicine to provide California residents exceptional care. I am passionate about the direction I have chosen and look forward to continuing to educate, empower, and transform people’s lives.


Dr. Brenden Cochran

Dr. Cochran’s Services

Integrative Oncology

I have a background as the fellowship/directive of Intravenous nutrient infusions for a government-funded integrative oncology project. During this we concluded on some of the best strategies for providing comprehensive, integrative, and personalized treatments that focus on evidence-based outcomes. 

This includes; supporting efficacy and side effects that can come up during active cancer treatments, improving recovery time post-cancer treatments, as well as a proactive plan to monitor for signs of recurrence early and an aggressive strategy to reduce the chances of return of disease.

The tools we use commonly include comprehensive nutritional plans, strategic supplementation, and intravenous nutrient therapies.

Complex Illnesses

A true solution starts with making sense of complex illness. Many chronic illnesses are often due to chronic infections like viruses, Lyme disease, MARCONS or gastrointestinal infections. They can be further complicated by hormone imbalances or environmental exposures, such as mold-related illness, heavy metals, chemical or electrical sensitivities. 

A targeted strategy is necessary to navigate through the complexities of these issues as well as provide patients with the results that allow them to have a body with clarity, energy, and without pain. 

The tools we use commonly include strategic supplementation, creative drug sequences, hyperbaric oxygen, peptide therapy, and intravenous nutrient therapies.

Regenerative Medicine

Providing a proactive strategy to healthy aging. Regenerative medicine means we are providing function back to degenerative joints that are interfering with the activities we love. Regenerative medicine also means we are optimizing the functions of our body as we age for peak performance of the immune system, cardiovascular system, and brain functions.  

This allows you to perform athletically at the top of your game, maintain the focus and creativity you need to perform at work, and have the energy and stamina to be engaged with your loved ones. 

The tools we use commonly include strategic supplementation, hormone replacement therapy, neuro-optimization, peptide therapy, regenerative injections, intravenous nutrient therapies, and shockwave.